Other Interior Design Tips

So in my post about Color Theory earlier today, I let you know I'd be taking any questions you have about interior design! So, officially, what other interior design tips would you like to read about? I love sharing the knowledge that I paid a lot of money for gained while in college.  I would love your input!

And now, here are some pretty pictures, because no post would be complete without pictures.




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  1. Hey Kate, Jer and I have a smaller bedroom that fads away from the sunlight do it is a little darker. Our bedding is is a pale green and the walls are off white. Is there a color that might brighten up the room a little if we painted an accent wall or even the whole room?

    1. Keeping the walls a light color will definitely help. If you added a dark color, the room will seem smaller and dimmer. An off-white is actually a good color and seems like it would go well with your bedding, but if you want to switch it up, try a pale yellow on all the walls or an accent wall behind the bed. Hope this helps!


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